General consultation is offered in the fields of

  • Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)

  • Elektromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

  • Antenna Development

e.g. in the phase of planning, analysis and optimisation of antennas or other electromagnetic devices, or to assist in general questions related to electromagnetics.

Interactions of electromagnetic fields with biological media

EM Software & Systems GmbH and its partner companies have been involved in non-ionizing radiation hazard analysis for almost 15 years. At EM Software & Systems GmbH we believe in the use of both computer simulations and measurements of electric and magnetic fields inside human phantoms close to antennas to be well suited to this application. International standards are followed very closely in this regard.

Antenna Placement

One focus of the CEM sofware package FEKO is the analysis of antennas in their operating environment, and especially the analysis of antennas mounted on electrically very large platforms. Examples included:

  • VHF/UHF Antennas on ships

  • VHF/UHF and IFF antennas on aircraft

  • GSM and higher, for example Bluetooth, on automobiles

EM Software & Systems assists you in the antenna placement, from both an antenna pattern as well as an EMC point of view, for all these environments.

Automotive applications

FEKO is used by number of notable automotive companies and suppliers, to develop and analyse diverse applications (antennas, EMC). We can also offer support through consutation in this sector.