Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)

The team of EM Software & Systems GmbH assists in setting-up, modelling and performing CEM simulations, mainly using the computer code FEKO.


Antenna placement inside a carScattering of an airplane
Transmission line coupling modelTransmission line coupling result
Shielding analysis of a box modelShielding analysis of a box result


Analysis of general problems in the field of electromagnetics: Shielding e.g. of medical apparatus, coupling e.g. into cable harnesses or PCBs, interaction between different technical devices, emmission of e.g. household products, environmental EMC like SAR-value determination of mobile phones, field-exposition calculation at the place of work or optimisation of the nearfield distribution e.g. inside a magnetic resonance tomograph.

Extensions of FEKO

A group of experienced scientists is continously involved in the adaptation of FEKO to the user's requests. Especially the good contacts established to a number of users in the automotive sector have driven such extensions.

Examples given:

  • Extensions of the FEKO kernel (thin dielectric sheets, multiple dielectrics, Physical Optics, windscreen antenna modelling)

  • Modules (OptFEKO, TimeFEKO, AdaptFEKO)

  • Graphical user interface (GUI)

  • CAD Interfaces (Import filters)

  • Coupling with other methods for specific applications (e.g to Simlab CableMod or PCBMod or to CRIPTE from ESI)