Antenna development

The team of EM Software & Systems GmbH assists in the development of antennas and in the solution of related problems.

This includes the design e.g. of mobile phones, the optimisation of e.g. directivity or matching, the placement of an antenna e.g. on a car body. We are also in a position of supporting you in prototyping and measurement (in cooperation with partners) of specific antennas. All common types of antennas can be developed in principle for each kind of application.


Log-Periodic antennacircular horn antenna
Antipodal Vivaldi AntennaDielektrische Spiralantenne

Mobile phone with head

Antenna types

  • Wire antennas (e.g. Logper- or Yagi-Uda-antenna)

  • Patch antennas

  • Broadband antennas

  • windscreen antennas

  • conforme antennas

  • integrated antenna systems

  • antenna arrays

  • antennas in stratified media

  • dielectric bodies

  • Ferrite-antennas

  • Horn-antennas

  • Microstrip-antennas (e.g. Vivaldi or patch-antenna)

  • Phased array antennas

  • Reflector-antennas (e.g. also with radome)

  • Mobile phone-antennas (e.g. inside a car or with presence of the user)