EMF Compliance Management

IXUS software helps network operators and subcontractors to maintain EMF compliance. With IXUS customers can

            - model and calculate non-compliance zones in 3D
            - generate compliance documentation automatically
            - manage and monitor compliance for a whole network and consequently
            - reduce the time and cost of attaining EMF compliance.

IXUS consists of the IXUS 3D Modeller and the IXUS Manager.
                           IXUS architecture

IXUS 3D Modeller

IXUS 3D Modeller

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The IXUS Modeller is used for

             - easily building 3D site models
             - selecting ready-made antennas from a library
             - automatically calculating and displaying EMF non-compliance zones

It is a desktop application for building base station models quickly and easily. One can use the dimensions measured during site visits to help create an accurate model of buildings, rooftops, access routes, ladders, lattice masts and many other architectural features. Then antennas are taken from the IXUS library or the customer’s own antenna designs can be imported from FEKO.

The IXUS EMF Compliance Calculator can determine public and occupational non-compliance zones very accurately and display them in 3-D on the model. The zones can be generated by one or many multi-band base station antennas or other antennas such as Yagis and grid antennas. The EMF Compliance Calculator is fully integrated in the IXUS software solution so it's easy to recalculate the zones repeatedly, as a base station model develops.

IXUS Manager

IXUS Manager

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The IXUS Manager is used for

            - storing base station details, models and plans for an entire network
            - generating compliance reports and certificates
            - managing and monitoring base station compliance status

The Report Generator creates compliance reports automatically, using the base station information that is stored in the IXUS Manager database. There are three types of report: Environmental Report, Site Management Report and Compliance Certificate. The reports can be customised to suit specific requirements from the customer. They are created in digitally signed PDF format and stored by the IXUS Manager. Automated report generation dramatically reduces the effort and documentation required to manage EMF compliance for a network.

The IXUS Manager web application stores all the information you need for carrying out EMF compliance assessments (core information, 3-D models, site documents, digital photos, comments and instructions). The information is held in a secure central database and can be shared across your whole compliance team.

IXUS was created to be customised. It can be integrated with proprietary base station databases and modified to work with guidelines other than EMF, such as IEEE. For further information or for getting an evaluation version of IXUS please visit the site http://www.emssixus.com/.