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FEKO is a full wave, method of moments (MoM) based, computer code for the analysis of general electromagnetic problems.

This page contains only a brief overview of the capabilities of FEKO. For further information please visit the site http://www.feko.info. There you also have the possibility to download FEKO LITE or an evaluation version of FEKO.

The implementation is comprehensive and has been extended for the analysis of thin dielectric sheets, multiple homogeneous dielectric bodies and planar stratified media. AMoM/FEM (Finite Element Method) is well suited for heterogeneous dielectrics. Modules are available for parametric optimisation, time domain analysis, adaptive frequency interpolation, and the analysis of complex cable harnesses in their 3D environment.

In order to solve electrically (very) large problems the MoM has been extended already in 2004 as the first commercial code with the Multi-Level Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM) and it has also been hybridised with the asymptotic high frequency techniques, Physical Optics (PO), Geometrical Optics (GO) and the Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD). This true hybridisation reduces the computational resource requirements, enabling the analysis of very large problems.

Parallel processing and other techniques like the advanced adaptive frequency interpolation (efficient calculation of broadband responses), an efficient out-of-core solver for large scale problems, a multilayer planar Green's function (modelling of real earth or dielectric substrates), Periodic Boundary Conditions (PBC), modelling of non-radiating networks, cable coupling analysis or the optimisation functionality with different algorithms available (e.g. grid search, Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm) can be used to speed up the solution of the CEM problems. A professional graphical user interface is available as well as different filters for mesh import (e.g. AUTOCAD DXF, NASTRAN, PATRAN) and CAD import and export (e.g. STEP, IGES, ACIS Exchange (SAT), CATIA V4 and V5).

Applications for FEKO

Antenna Design:


WinFEKO Interface WinFEKO Interface

Wire, Patch, Mobile, Horn, Reflector, Microstrip, Conformal, Broadband Antennas, Windscreen antennas, integrated antenna systems, antenna arrays and antennas in stratified media and dielectric bodies, just to name a few that can be analysed by FEKO.
Antenna Placement:


Antenna PlacementAntenna Placement

The hybridisation of the accurate MoM with asymptotic high frequency techniques (PO, GO and UTD) as well as the very efficient MLFMM enables the analysis of antenna radiation patterns, radiation hazard zones, RCS, etc. with antennas deployed on electrically (very) large structures such as ships, aircrafts and automobiles.
EMC Analysis:


EMC Analysis EMC Analysis

FEKO is being used extensively for EMC analysis. Computed quantities include antenna-factors, shielding effectiveness of an enclosure, inter-antenna isolation, near-field distributions, cable coupling analysis in complex environments, e.g. wiring in a car, radiation hazard analysis, etc.
Not only are near-fields modelled accurately but dielectric bodies can also be analysed and actual SAR values calculated in homogeneous or non-homogeneous human phantoms.
RF components and 3D EM circuits:


Mobile Phone and HeadEMC Analysis



Analysis of waveguide structures, e.g. filter, slotted antennas, directional couplers as well as analysis of microstrip filters, couplers, inductors, etc.
Radomes and Scattering Problems:
Analysis of multiple dielectric layers in a large structure as well as RCS analysis of large and small structures.