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This page contains a brief overview of the capabilities of Antenna Magus. For further information or for the possibility of downloading an evaluation version of Antenna Magus please visit the website

Antenna Magus is the first antenna design tool of its kind. Its huge searchable database of antennas can be explored to find, design, and export models of designed antennas to the simulation tool FEKO. Users will get the "customisation" part of the design quickly with reasonable accuracy. The models can then be taken up for further design in FEKO. Antenna Magus therefore is a very useful accessory by reducing the time to find and access feasible antenna topologies for any given application. The typical antenna design process is visualised in the following flow chart on the top:
                           Design Process
                           Magus Design Process

Antenna Magus aims to shorten and speed up the design process by replacing the orange coloured blocks with itself as a single block (see flowchart on the bottom). Choosing an appropriate antenna topology, finding information about the antenna, creating and validating a model, designing with this model in place and fast estimates of the new antenna's performance will all be handled by Antenna Magus.

Aspects of Antenna Magus


Exploring antenna solution options

Explore view

Antennas are indexed by performance keywords (e.g. Medium Gain, Resonant, Circularly Polarised). The user must select from a given number of keywords based on which Antenna Magus will present a list of antennas that conform to these criteria. Antenna Magus has more than 80 antenna types in its database.
Antenna Design:

Antenna Design

Design view

An antenna or several antennas can be selected for
further design. A first layer design is made based on the specifications (e.g. frequency, input impedance, etc.). Antenna Magus displays the physical dimensions of the selected antenna based on the specifications.

Estimated Performance:

Estimated performance

Estimate view

A designed antenna is estimated for its performance characteristics. If the estimated design is not satisfactory, tweaking can be done by changing the physical parameters (e.g. width) of the original design. If the output characteristics viewed (e.g. S parameters, VSWR, etc.) are found to be satisfactory, the design estimated is complete.
Export of Antennas from Antenna Magus to FEKO:


Export to FEKO  

The estimated design is exported to FEKO for precise analysis. Export is also done, if certain modifications have to be done e.g. cutting in a slot in a patch antenna, chamfering of edges, etc. These modifications can only be done in FEKO. Models exported to FEKO are completely parametric. Only the antenna dimensions can be modified in Antenna Magus.