Altair to Acquire EM Software & Systems

An agreement-in-principle has been reached between Altair and EMSS, pursuant to which Altair will acquire 100 percent of EM Software & Systems S.A. (Pty) Ltd and its international distributor offices in the United States, Germany, and China. The agreement is expected to close early in 2014.
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Now all CAD import/export filters are included free of charge in the FEKO simulation package.

Video Interview

IEEE EMC Show in Denver: YouTube Link


24. June 2014


European FEKO User Meeting

24. - 26. June 2014


FEKO Short Course, Munich

1. - 3. July 2014


Exhibition of FEKO at the CEM 2014 in Clermont-Ferrand.

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FEKO: Computational Electromagnetics

Development and distribution of FEKO in Europe, a leading electromagnetic (EM) analysis software suite, based on multiple state of the art computational EM (CEM) techniques for solving a wide range of EM problems for a large variety of industries. Typical applications include: antenna analysis (wire, patch, microstrip, horn, reflector, conformal, broadband antennas, windscreen,integrated antenna systems, antenna arrays, antennas in stratified media and dielectric bodies, etc.), antenna placement on electrically small and (very) large structures (e.g. automobiles, airplanes, ships), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC - shielding effectiveness, cable coupling analysis in complex environments, radiation hazard analysis, etc.), Bio-electromagnetics, RF component analysis (waveguide structures like filters, slotted antennas, directional couplers), 3D EM circuits (microstrip filters, couplers, inductors, etc.), (multi-layer) radomes as well as scattering problems (RCS for large and small structures). For more information please go directly to the FEKO homepage, or read more here.


Antenna Magus

ANTENNA MAGUS: Antenna Design

Sales & Support for Antenna Magus in Europe, the first antenna design tool of its kind. Its huge searchable collection of antennas can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to FEKO. More information can be found here, or on the Antenna Magus homepage.


Optenni Lab

OPTENNI LAB: Matching Circuit Generation Software

Sales & Support for Optenni Lab in Europe, the matching circuit generation and antenna analysis software. Optenni Lab provides fully automatic matching circuit generation and optimisation routines. In addition to matching circuit design, Optenni Lab can be used to predict the obtainable antenna bandwidth from simulated impedance data, using the concept of bandwidth potential, which helps the user to understand how the antenna is working and how the design should be modified for optimal bandwidth. More information can be found on the Optenni Lab Homepage.



IXUS: EMF Compliance Management

IXUS software helps network operators and subcontractors to maintain EMF compliance. With IXUS customers can model and calculate non-compliance zones in 3D, generate compliance documentation automatically as well as manage and monitor compliance for a whole network. This helps to reduce the time and cost of attaining EMF compliance. IXUS is distributed by EMSS GmbH in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Read more here, or on the IXUS homepage.


Consulting in Electromagnetic Engineering

EMSS offers consulting, studies and projects in the areas electromagnetic compatibility, antennas as well as general application of computational electromagnetics. Special extensions to numerical electromagnetics software are developed according to customer requirements. Read more here.